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We want to bring you the possibility to listen to any Song you want, so we developed a system that can take in normal YouTube Videos and convert them on the fly. Just paste in the YouTube link of the Video you want to listen to or vote for Music that other people inserted!

Keep in mind that you must sumbit the NON-Nightcore Version! We will do the converting!(*^ω^)♪
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By setting the Channel-ID you can get nfmc rewards through Voting. The Channel-ID can be found in your Channel-Url: or type !id in the stream chat.
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By setting the Channel-ID you can get nfmc rewards through Voting. The Channel-ID can be found in your Channel-Url: or type !id in the stream chat.
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General commands

Shows *Username | Title | Hours | NFM coins*

Shows your channel ID + link to the website and how to give NFM coins to other users

!give ID $
Give a user an amount of your own NFM coins

Tells you your "rank" (user, mod etc. )

!tophour or !topcoin
Shows the top 5 users with the most hours/coins

Shows your rank in both hours and coins

*user* likes the current song!

*user* dislikes the current song!

Shows your warning(s)

Pets and Title

Shows your pet, it's name and levels

How to level up your pet

Costs 500 NFM coins per level

!namepet name
Costs 500 NFM coins and displays when you do !pet

!buytitle title
Costs 5000 NFM coins and displays when you do !me


!flipcoin #
50/50 chance to win double or lose the amount you typed

!lotto # # # # #
5 numbers between 1-20, win NFM coins


Here you go *user*! (icon)

Here you go *user*! (icon)

Here you go *user* (icon)

*user* gives everyone a drink! (icon)


*user* is #% dank!

*user* is #% kawaii!

Dank song! 👌

Good song! ❤

!hug name
*user* hugs (name here) ❤

*user* hugs everyone in the chat

*user* hugs Nightcorizer FM!

*user* [...] contact a mod

Mod Commands

!warn ID Reason
Shows when !warning is sent

!clear ID
Clears *user*'s warning(s)

!remove-last ID
Removes the last warning

You can even help us out without donating!

If you can't donate, but still want to help us pay for our server, domain and other bills that keep the stream running you can do that now! Through the help of CoinHive you can help us make money with just leaving this page open. What happens is that you will lend us some computing power to solve mathematical tasks and we will get some money through that. Sounds crazy? Yes it is, but it works! Keep in mind to save your Channel-ID in the settings so we can track the work you've done. Maybe there will be ways to trade in this work into other stuff later on!

So. If you want to help us just press the button and keep the tab open in the browser. If you don't want to participate anymore just close the tab or press the stop button! Thanks!

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In case lags appear try to use half or low speed!
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BigJk Web Developer, Backend Developer, Graphic Designer
Hello to all the NightcorizerFM Fans! I'm BigJk, a long time Anime and Manga Fan and I've built most of the Website and a lot of the Backend System which Powers NightcorizerFM. If you have any questions or just want to Chat you can find me on Discord or MAL.
Contact: MyAnimeList

quickshat Backend Developer, Music Producer
Hi everyone! I am quickshat, the other guy from NightcorizerFM. I am developing our Backend System with BigJk and I am the guy who has everything to do with music. If you have any questions or inquiries feel free to write me on Discord or via Mail.

Our Team
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